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Summer Camp PDF Print E-mail

Wow! 12 of our Palm Lake youth are going to 14 events at The Retreat in Silver Springs this summer! "POWER UP! LIVING IN THE SPIRIT!" is the theme for the 2015 summer events. 5 will be going to Midway Camp (middle school); 4 will be going to Junior Camp (4th-5th grades); 2 will go to Middle School Canoe Camp, and 1 adult and 2 elementary children will go to Camp UNO. Summer camp is a life-changing event for young people and some may even go into about that?! Much thanks goes to a caring Palm Lake church family for providing funds and encouragement for these significant experiences in our children's lives.

 campers send-off

Pictured here are 8 of the campers and one Adult leader along with Dr. Price

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Witness of the Windows PDF Print E-mail



The beautiful stained glass windows that surround our sanctuary tell a wonderful story. They artistically tell stories found in the Bible that follow the life of Jesus. Our windows begin with the Nativity and proceed as follows: Jesus in the Temple, Calling of the Disciples, The Woman at the Well, The Wedding at Cana (Jesus at The Door), Jesus and the Storm, Jesus and the Children, The Good Shepherd, The Last Supper, Jesus in the Garden, The Empty Tomb, and then Pentecost. The circular window at the north gable is Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Beginning with the first Sunday of Advent and continuing every other week one window will be featured in a mini-drama during Childrens’ Moment. The final Window (Pentecost) will be presented on Pentecost 2015.

We welcome and invite all to attend our services and learn about Jesus through the Witness of the Windows.

View the Windows: (1) The Nativity (2) Jesus in the Temple (3) Baptism (4) Jesus Calls The Disciples (5) Woman at the Well (6) Jesus at the Door to the Wedding at Cana (7) Calming the Storm (8) The Good Shepherd (9) Jesus and the Children (10) Last Supper (11) Gethsemane (12) The Empty Tomb (13) Pentecost


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What is Taize Worship PDF Print E-mail


What is "Taizé worship?" When the question is asked, there is often another question lurking behind it. Why do so many people (up to 7000 a week – primarily young people) go to Taizé to pray? Why is the Taizé prayer so attractive? There is certainly a multitude of answers but perhaps a key response lies in the fact that, at the heart of the prayer, there is a monastic community. Taizé is little village in the south of Burgundy, France. In this village, over 60 years ago, Brother Roger founded a community devoted to prayer and living a parable of reconciliation within the church and the human family. The Community is made up of brothers from all the continents and major denominations who gather together three times a day, seven days a week, throughout the year to pray (whether there are 7000 young people present or only twenty). For more information on the Community, its history and on-going work see the Taizé website

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PLCC Supports Family Promise PDF Print E-mail

Palm Lake is a proud supporter of Family Promise. Recently Palm Lake hosted our first family. Our church hosts 1 to 3 families for one week providing sleeping accommodations and a meal. This is done each quarter.

Detailed information about Family Promise of Pinellas County can be found on the Family Promise website



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